Phillip Morris Faces Lawsuit for Sale of Cancer-Causing Cigarettes

Smoking and lungs xrayPhiladelphia trial lawyer Dion Rassias of The Beasley Firm, LLC discusses the recent lawsuit against Phillip Morris for the sale of Marlboro cigarettes in association with a woman’s premature death. Phillip Morris, a subsidiary of Altria Group Inc. in Richmond, Virginia, will be tried in a federal court in Bridgeport for the sale of an unreasonably dangerous product.

Jeanette Bifolck died of lung cancer in 2000 at the untimely age of 42 after smoking Marlboro cigarettes and Marlboro Lights since the 1970’s. In the lawsuit against Phillip Morris, Jeanette Bifolck’s husband, Vincent Bifolck, argues that the cigarettes caused Bifolck’s development of lung cancer, and therefore led to her premature death.

Vincent Bifolck is now pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against Phillip Morris for selling an “unreasonably dangerous” product. The lawsuit cites the Connecticut Product Liability Act, which states that it is unlawful to knowingly sell “unreasonably dangerous” products. Smokers do face a higher chance of developing lung cancer than most, however, a person’s chances of developing cancer can increase even more so if the cigarettes contain an unnecessarily large amount of carcinogenic materials.

Phillip Morris denies responsibility for Jeanette BiFolck’s death, claiming that because it was her decision to smoke, the company should not be held liable for her resulting death.

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Smoking is the leading cause of cancer, and any form of tobacco use can be considered dangerous. However, even as times changes and the dangers of tobacco become more prominent, some companies still continue to create and sell unnecessarily dangerous products without properly warning customers of the associated risks.

Dion Rassias and Jill Johnston of The Beasley Firm are poised to hold the tobacco companies responsible for deaths of loved ones as a result of tobacco use. If you developed cancer after tobacco use, or you suffered the loss of a loved one to a disease caused by smoking, our firm wants to help. We are currently accepting tobacco litigation cases in Philadelphia County.

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