Understanding Medical Malpractice Never Events

surgeryAny time something happens or we develop some kind of condition, we turn to medical professionals to provide us with the treatment we need to get better. While we expect them to be perfect in their care for us, there is always potential for errors to occur. Unfortunately, when completely preventable actions do happen, it can result in serious, often life-threatening injuries. These preventable errors are referred to as never events. Here are the various actions included in this term.

Performing Surgery On the Wrong Body Part

When a person goes into surgery, they are expected to have the correct chart, labeling the surgery needed and what condition or injury he or she has. This is important in making sure everything goes smoothly. Unfortunately, often due to miscommunication and the wrong chart being provided, some surgeries may be performed on the wrong part of the body, including removal of the wrong organ.

Performing Surgery On the Wrong Person

Similar to the issues involved and the potential for miscommunication, there are times when surgery may be performed on the wrong person entirely. Perhaps there is a mix up of medical records during the patient’s transfer. This can lead to the surgeon having the wrong information and performing surgery on the wrong person.

Leaving an Object In the Patient

During surgery, there are plenty of tools, gauze, and other items used by the surgeons and nurses to complete the operation. These items also must be completely accounted for before, during, and after the surgery. This is because there are some instances in which a foreign object may be left inside the body after surgery. This is a preventable action should the operating team fail to pay close attention to the items.

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