Why Choose a Firm with Success in Aviation Crash Cases?

airplaneAirplane and helicopter crashes are amongst the most devastating that can occur because of the altitude at which these aircrafts travel. Unfortunately, when these types of accidents happen, there are often serious injuries involved, sometimes even fatal. Victims or the families of victims may be able to seek compensation for the damages caused, but it’s important to hire a firm who not only knows how these cases are handled, but also has success.

Proving negligence and liability in these types of cases can be difficult. It is often challenging for victims to seek compensation because the airlines have large insurance and legal teams ready to protect their interests. However, if you choose a team that has had past success in these types of cases, you can help increase your chances of securing a positive outcome at a time when you need it most.

The Beasley Firm Advantage

When it comes to cases involving aviation accidents, our firm is known for success. We have built a reputation. Our leading attorney Jim Beasley Jr. is a commercial pilot boasting more than 30 years of experience. He has flown multiple types of aircrafts, gaining knowledgeable insight that allows our firms to find fault and negligence in these types of cases.

Over our careers, we have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for victims in aviation crashes. We’ve gone to court against manufacturers, air traffic controllers, flight schools, and more. In some situations, the National Transportation Safety Board may miss things in their investigation or they won’t go beyond investigating the pilot. Our firm has experience going above and beyond to investigate on behalf of our clients so we can find the truths of the matter.

Our Philadelphia aviation accident lawyers work hard to help our clients secure the most favorable outcome possible. We recognize the financial, physical, and financial burden this type of situation can cause, so our main goal is to help lighten the load our clients experience.

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