How Does a Catastrophic Injury Impact a Person's Life?

xrayBecause of the severity of catastrophic injuries, dealing with the impacts moving forward can be difficult. There are a number of things that the victim was once able to do, but after a catastrophic injury may be more difficult or even impossible. In some situations, special help may be needed. Here are some of the things that may change after a catastrophic injury and how a victim’s life may be impacted.

Long-Term Medical Care

A catastrophic injury often results in enough damage where the victim may require multiple surgeries, medication, rehabilitation, and other long-term forms of medical care. This means not only getting to and from the hospital, but also the time spent during evaluations and treatments.

Changes to Living Conditions

If a catastrophic injury forces loss of control of bodily function, it may require the victim to alter their home or vehicle to accommodate wheelchairs or other aids. This means an increased cost for renovations in the home and even potentially help from a nurse or caretaker.

Changes to Work Life

In many cases, a person who sustains a serious injury may be unable to return to their previous job duties. Other times, they may be unable to return to work at all. The victim will need to find another form of income to help pay for their needs, which may come in the form of disability. However, filing a lawsuit against the negligent party can help ease the financial burdens.

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