Determining Negligence in Catastrophic Injury Cases

justiceLike in any other kind of personal injury case, the biggest factor to helping a victim seek compensation in a catastrophic injury case is proving negligence. Without someone being negligent and responsible for the injury, there may be no legal options available to the victim and they may have to deal with some of the hardships on their own. However, in most situations, there is a liable party to seek legal action against and having the necessary ability to prove negligence is important.

Gathering Evidence

One of the most helpful things you can do following any kind of accident is gathering evidence. This means speaking with witnesses who saw the accident, taking pictures of the damages to yourself or any property, seeking medical attention to acquire a medical report, and speaking with authorities to obtain a police report. These facts can be used to help prove there was a negligent party.

Understanding Relevant Laws

Injury cases are often handled based on the way the injury occurs. Having a skilled legal team on your side to better understand the laws pertaining to your case means you know exactly what to expect. These laws typically lay out who can be considered liable for negligence and the ways in which they may be considered negligent.

What Gives a Victim a Chance at Compensation?

Proving the following things can help the victim have a strong chance at compensation:

  • There was a duty of care from the negligent party to the victim
  • There was a breach in the duty of care
  • There was an accident or incident as a result of the breach
  • There was an injury sustained because of the incident

This can go a long way in proving that the responsible party was in fact negligent in his or her actions.

At the end of the day, our Philadelphia attorneys work hard to prove negligence. The Beasley Law firm has represented countless clients in complex injury cases and we always go above and beyond expectations to secure favorable results. If you have been injured, you can expect a team committed to your needs and goals.

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