Why It's Important to Follow Your Doctor's Instructions Following an Accident

Neck injuryAfter an accident it is critical to seek medical care. Your health should be a top priority, and seeking immediate and ongoing treatment can help to protect your insurance claim. Your treatment can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your accident. It is important to seek treatment, but it is also important to follow your doctor’s orders.

Even if you feel fine, you should follow your doctor’s instructions. You may have an injury that could grow more serious without treatment, or your physician may be concerned about preventing an injury from occurring, particularly if you have soft tissue injuries. You may receive instructions to perform certain exercises, limit your activity, or you may be prescribed medication. Following your doctor’s directions can prevent further injury, but it can also help you protect your insurance claim.

It can be frustrating to take time off work to attend physical therapy or to take medications that you may not feel that you need, but following instructions can help your claim. Insurance companies may use any evidence they can find to prove that your injuries aren’t as severe as you have claimed. Failure to follow your physician’s orders may be interpreted as evidence that you are not as badly injured as you have stated, and it may be used as a reason to reduce the compensation that you are offered. Your claim should receive the amount of compensation you deserve, but if you aren’t careful, it is possible that you may not be fully compensated. Your attorney can help you protect your claim, and can advise you when you are dealing with insurance companies.

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