Bimbo Bakeries Recalls 500,000 Boxes of Snacks

Product RecallBimbo Bakeries, the makers of Entenmann’s Little Bites snacks, has recalled 500,000 boxes of chocolate chip muffins, Little Bites fudge brownies, and variety packs due to the potential hazard of small pieces of plastic.

According to the recall, the company warned of the potential danger of choking or cutting due to the plastic pieces. The affected boxes of brownies and chocolate chip muffins have an October 8 “best by” date while the variety backs have September 24 “best by” date. They were recently shipped to retailers in roughly 30 states.

The manufacturer has already received complaints regarding the plastic being found in the food and reports indicate at least one injury. The company issued a statement calling it a manufacturing failure at a contract manufacturer’s bakery located in Illinois. Details regarding how the plastic was placed into the snacks was not immediately provided.

Consumers are being offered a full refund to those who return the recalled box to its place of purchase.

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