Jim Beasley Obtains Confidential Seven Figure Resolution of a Deadly Plane Crash Case

The Firm's client was operating a high performance single engine aircraft when he and the passengers crashed at night, causing all of the occupants to perish, with our young client leaving an unborn son. Years of litigation and deep investigations taking us around the globe resulted in a substantial, confidential settlement against the aircraft manufacturer, the United States, and the training facility where our client was trained to fly this aircraft. Because of Jim Beasley's experience with high performance single engine aircraft he was able to quickly assemble the proper expert support and obtain the truth as to the reason this plane was uncontrollable when on a "go-around" when the landing attempt was aborted. This investigation revealed that there have been fourteen other similar crashes with this aircraft type. It was because of the Firm's knowledge, tenacity and resources that this case was successfully prosecuted and an excellent result obtained for the clients.