Jim Beasley, Jr. Hired to Investigate Selinsgrove Plane Crash

Two Union County men who were injured in an October 4th, 2013 plane crash have hired Jim Beasley, Jr. to investigate the incident. Doug Cromley, of Lewisburg, and his uncle Todd Cromley, of Windsor, sustained serious injuries after crashing their single engine Piper-Pacer on takeoff at Penn Valley Airport.

An eyewitness reported seeing the plane's nose drop when it reached about 125 feet before crashing back on the runway, damaging the wings and fuselage.

A preliminary report released a month after the accident by the NTSB stated that the plane was taking off for the first time since receiving maintenance from Heritage Aviation, who operate at Penn Valley Airport. The full report by the NTSB is expected within the year.

The Beasley Firm has over 60 years of experience investigating and litigating on behalf of pilots or passengers who have been catastrophically injured or killed in aviation accidents. Jim Beasley, the founder of this firm, was also an experienced pilot, who obtained a twenty-nine million dollar verdict against an airplane manufacturer after he proved that a defective airplane part was the cause of a fatal crash. His passion for aeronautics lives on with his son, Jim Beasley, Jr., who flies vintage planes in air shows around the world. Beasley and his team know the inner workings of an airplane and what can go wrong, and have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for their clients.