Jim Beasley Of The Beasley Firm, Who Represents The Estate Of Officer Brian Lorenzo, Had The Honor Of Performing A Flypast At This Years Philadelphia Hero Thrill Show Honoring Our Fallen Police Officers and Firefighters.

This past Saturday, the fallen Philadelphia police and firefighters were honored at the 58th Annual Hero Thrill Show. Prior to the Philadelphia Motorcycle Drill Team performing their intricate bike maneuvers, police, firefighters, and the crowd paid tribute to the officers who were killed within the past year.

The Hero Thrill Show began in 1954 and it's mission is to raise money to pay for the college tuition of children of Philadelphia Police Officers or Firefighters who were killed in the line of duty. This year, four new families will benefit from this fundraiser. Police officers Brian Lorenzo and Moses Walker and firefighters Robert Neary and Daniel Sweeney died in the line of duty. In addition, the Thrill Show amended their rules to include the children of Plymouth Township Officer Brad Fox who was tragically shot and killed while chasing a suspect. Jimmy Binns, who is the president and CEO of the Thrill Show and of special counsel here at the Beasley Firm, told the families that "wherever their children want to go to college, just send us the tuition bill and it will be paid."

At this years show, a banner was unfurled paying tribute to Highway Patrolman Brian Lorenzo who was the drill team's instructor and co-captain. Patrolman Lorenzo was struck and killed by a drunk driver earlier this year. In addition to The Beasley Firm representing the Estate of Brian Lorenzo, Jim Beasley had the honor of performing a flypast during the National Anthem in honor of the fallen officers and firemen and dedicated to Lorenzo.