A Doctor Has Been Arrested On Charges That He Had Unlawful Sexual Contact With A Patient

News sources are reporting that Pierre Leroy, a Newark Delaware neurosurgeon, was arrested on Friday after a 35 year old woman reported to police that the doctor had unlawful sexual contact with her.

Police say an investigation has revealed that the victim patient had an appointment at Leroy's office, on April 12, 2012 for medical treatment. During the physical examination, Leroy made unlawful sexual contact with the woman.

Following that investigation, Leroy was arrested on May 4, 2012 for five counts of unlawful sexual contact. Dr. Leroy was released after posting $2,500 secured bond.

According to news reports, an emergency motion to suspend Dr. LeRoy's license is currently being reviewed by state Division of Professional Regulations officials. In 1993, the doctor was convicted of unlawful sexual contact after a 23-year-old female office worker accused him of molesting her. LeRoy pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts and received a sentence of two months of work release and ordered to give $72,692 to medical charity.

Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware news stations, radio stations and media outlets are asking anyone with additional information about this incident, or others, to contact Detective Nicholas Sansone at (302) 366-7110 x 135.