You Were Admitted To The Hospital For An Infection And The Hospital Gave You A Worse Infection. Now What?

When you were admitted to a hospital because the doctors needed to treat an infection you had, the last thing on your mind was that you were going to get another infection. The sad reality is that every patient that is admitted to a hospital is at risk of getting another infection or a hospital-acquired infection and the main cause is poor hand washing by nurses, doctors, respiratory therapist and other hospital employees.

Studies have shown that 85% of the antibiotic resistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) infections were attributed to health care treatment either in a hospital, long term care facility or nursing home. Clostridium difficile or C-diff, which is also resistant to many antibiotics, is killing patients who would have otherwise survived their hospital stay or primary illness or injury.

Patients are becoming infected with staph, c-diff, e-coli or enterococcus while in a hospital or extended care facility. They did not come in with these infections and sometimes they do not leave a healthcare facility because of these infections or leave worse off than when they were admitted. Each and every day, patients are being infected thru intravenous (IV) lines, urinary catheters, breathing tubes and surgical sites or wounds.

Many of these hospital or health care induced infections cause relatively healthy and stable patients to develop severe dehydration, deadly electrolyte abnormalities,sepsis, septic shock, meningitis, osteomyelitis, necrotizing fasciitis, bowel ischemia or dead intestines, pneumonia, gangrene, amputations or even death.

If you or a loved one was infected with MRSA, C-diff, E-coli, enterococcus or any other infection while in a hospital, extended care facility, assisted living facility or nursing home we may be able to help you. Our experienced medical malpractice infection teams consist of lawyers, doctors and nurses who have worked in hospitals and treated patients with life threatening infections. In addition to our legal expertise, we are also familiar with the inner workings of a hospital or nursing home and know that very important information may not make its way into a patients chart, but it exists. Please feel free to call one of our experienced attorneys, doctors or nurses at (215) 866-2424 for a confidential and free consultation. We have already been awarded over 2 billion dollars on behalf of our injured clients. We were there when they needed us and we are here for you now.