When Is A Car Accident Not Just A Car Accident?

After you or a loved one was involved in a car accident or hit by another driver did you ever stop and think where the person that just hit you was coming from? Probably not. Will the lawyer you need for your car accident have the experienced required to fully investigate and evaluate your auto accident case?

Here at the nationally known Beasley transportation accident law firm, our experienced accident lawyers and crash investigation teams are well aware that it is not only driver error, faulty products, inattentive drivers or road conditions that cause vehicle crashes. Hospitals, surgical centers, emergency rooms, dentist offices and other health care providers can be causing severe or fatal crashes.

On any given day, at any given moment, there are hundreds of drivers behind the wheels of their vehicles while under the influence of sedative or anti-anxiety medications. At the same time, there are drivers who just received a narcotic, sedative, muscle relaxant, barbiturate, anesthetic or other medication at a hospital, doctor's office or other facility and were discharged to get behind the wheel of their car and drive. The person that hit you or a loved one could be the same patient that was just negligently discharged from a hospital without a designated driver after receiving a sedative or pain medication.

Hospitals and other health care settings that administer any medication that can alter a person's reflexes, alertness or mental functioning must make sure there is another driver to take that patient home or keep that patient in the setting until it is safe for them to drive again. If they do not and that patient causes an accident, it could be the hospital's or healthcare provider's fault for the accident.

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