It Only Takes One Snow Storm to Have a Snow Plow Related Death

Unlike the last two winters here on the east coast, we have been lucky in the amount of snow that has fallen. But, just because we have not had as much snowfall as we have had in previous years, snow plow accidents are still very much a concern. Snow Plow accidents can lead to head injuries or traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or broken backs, skull fractures, crush injuries, and other devastating injuries, including death.

In the past year, these are just some of the individuals that have been fatally injured after being hit by a snow plow:

  • A 51 year-old avid runner and her dog were fatally struck by a snow plow on Philadelphia Pike
  • A 34 year-old woman was struck and killed in a parking lot
  • An 18 year-old man who was walking to work at 7 am in the morning
  • A 77 year-old man who was forced to walk in the street because the snow had been plowed onto the sidewalk, was run over and killed
  • A 34 year-old pregnant woman and her dog. The snow plow driver did not even realize he killed the woman and dog until a witness told him.

Drivers must take extreme caution when operating a snow plow. Unfortunately, before, during, and after a snow fall, especially a large snow storm, both State and privately owned and operated snow plow drivers are working long hours, double time, and sometimes even triple time with very minimal sleep in between shifts. In addition to driver exhaustion there could be decreased visibility due to snow falling, wind driven snow or other poor weather conditions. When you have the combination of driver exhaustion and poor visibility behind the wheel of a heavy snow plow, it can lead to devastating or deadly accidents.

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