The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Is Investigating The Fatal School Bus Accident That Killed A Triplet And Critically Injured Her Sisters

A school bus that was carrying elementary school children was struck by a dump truck, killing one girl and injuring many other students. The accident occurred at a four-way intersection in Chesterfield. At this time, it is unknown who, if anyone was at fault.

NTSB spokesperson Nicholas Worrell said a team of accident investigators were sent to the scene of the accident and is now the lead investigators into the crash. In compliance with New Jersey law, the bus was equipped with lap seat belts but authorities have not released how many children were actually wearing the seat belts. Worrell indicated that the use and effectiveness of the seat belts would be one of the aspects of the accident investigation.

According to some of the children who were on the bus as the truck struck it and slammed it into a pole, some of the riders where thrown into the aisle. At the time of the crash, the bus was carrying 25 school students. Police said that one child was killed, three others were critically injured and 17 other students suffered injuries such as cuts, bruises, lacerations or broken bones.

Paul Kurtz, a reporter at KYW news radio spoke with experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Scott Bennett this morning regarding the potential legal actions that could arise surrounding this tragic bus accident.

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