A Child With Mental Retardation (MR), Seizures, And Cerebral Palsy (CP) Due To A Birth Injury Is Going To Have Life Long Treatments And Medical Expenses.

Any mother or father of a child who has cerebral palsy (CP), mental retardation (MR), seizures, or developmental delays due to a birth injury, Group B strep infection (GBS), or difficult delivery will tell you that caring for their disabled child may be physically or mentally challenging at times but is financially challenging all the time. Any child with special needs is going to require early intervention, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, Botox injections, or additional therapies or surgeries that may not be covered by an insurance plan. In addition, the parents may also have to incur the costs to cover home modifications for their disabled child, the building of handicap wheelchair ramps or changes to their car or van to safely accommodate their brain injured child.

Here at the Philadelphia Beasley Law Firm, our experienced birth injury lawyers and full time doctors and neonatal intensive care (NICU) nurses are well aware of the emotional and financial difficulties parents are faced with after their child was injured during birth. Just recently, two of our best birth injured baby lawyers received a multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of a child who is suffering with cerebral palsy and developmental delays due to a delay in the doctors diagnosing and treating the baby's low heart rate, meconium in the amniotic fluid, and fetal distress. This award will help the parents pay for the necessary medical and therapy treatments for their disabled child in addition to home modifications, such as shower chairs, stair lifts or wheelchair ramps that are needed to help this neurologically damaged child and family.

If your baby was injured during labor or birth and now has developmental delays, cerebral palsy, seizures, mental retardation, blindness or other disabilities, please feel free to talk with one of our experienced birth injury lawyers, doctors or nurses at (215) 866-2424 or by using this contact form, for a strictly confidential and free consultation.