17,000 Scuba Diving Hoses Recalled Due To Drowning Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)has alerted consumers that the Santa Ana-based importer and distributor XS Scuba has announced a recall of 17,000 high pressure scuba diving hoses produced by an Italian company called Miflex. The hoses were sold as part of a rebreather kit, a two-gauge console or deluxe cylinder equalizer. All of the recalled hoses have MFX stamped on the metal end of the scuba hose.

The recalled item is used to monitor cylinder pressure to maintain a steady air supply to the diver. The product defect involves a possible rupture of the hose that will compromise air flow to the diver. This defect can lead to a lack of oxygen to the brain, anoxic brain injury, drowning or even death. To date, there have been 189 reports of this defect. Consumers are being advised not to use the product and contact Scuba XS to have the unit replaced.

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