Is Your Child Athlete at Risk for a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Brain Damage While Playing Sports?

As a proud parent, you are watching your son play during a high school football game. With 3 minutes left to go in the game, the quarterback throws him the ball and he catches it. As always, he takes off down the field running past the 30 yard line, then the 20, then the 10 yard line. Just a few feet from the end-zone, the unthinkable happens. Your son is tackled, causing his helmet to fall off right before his head hits the football field. At that moment all you keep saying to yourself is, "Please get up," but he doesn't.

Sadly, high school football players are not the only ones who suffer blows to the head or traumatic brain injuries (TBI's) while playing sports. Many club team athletes, community sport teams, grade school children and college students who are members of football, soccer, lacrosse or squash teams are also at risk for head injuries or concussions.

In April of 2011, a nineteen-year-old, high school football player, who sustained multiple brain traumas, filed suit against his Pennsylvania high school coach, athletic trainer, and principal. The teenager is now living with permanent brain damage due to the numerous blows to his head during his football career. The Complaint alleges that the football coach put the student football player back on the field after knowing that the teen had a concussion. As a result of the coach's poor judgment, the football player was hit once again in the head and it caused further brain damage.

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