How Can You Wake Up Blind after Surgery if it was Not a Risk of the Procedure?

Just imagine that you are undergoing surgery on your spine, neck, or abdomen, or are having plastic surgery. You were informed of all the risks, but blindness was not one of them. Yet, you or a loved one woke up blind after surgery. Why? Blindness after surgery is usually not a risk of the surgery unless the surgery was performed on the eyes. So what happened to cause the blindness?

What many do not realize is that if there was an anesthesia error or medicine error, it can cause a decrease in the blood supply to the eye, retinal artery or optic nerve. The lack of blood supply or oxygen to the eye can cause a loss of eye sight or blindness after surgery. In addition, if a patient's blood pressure was too low during surgery, it could lead to a decreased blood flow to the eyes and it leads to blindness.

Many law firms that do not have doctors and nurses on their teams may overlook that there are many medical errors that may cause a patient to be blind after surgery. The experienced medical and legal teams here at the nationally known Beasley medical malpractice law firm are very familiar with all the problems that can occur during surgery that could lead to blindness. To date, we have had billions awarded on behalf of our injured clients.

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