October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but Doctors should be Aware of Breast Cancer Every Month

Sadly, this is not always the case. Each day, many women show signs of breast cancer that are ignored, untreated or attributed to something else. Here at The Beasley Firm, our full-time medical and legal teams have reviewed thousands of cases where there was a delay in diagnosing breast cancer. No female is safe from getting breast cancer. Breast cancer does not care how old you are. We have reviewed cases where teenage girls developed breast cancer that went undiagnosed and treated because, they were just kids.

Jim Beasley, Jr. represented a woman who was pregnant and was told that the changes in her breast were due to a clogged milk duct. Unfortunately, it was not a clogged milk duct, but invasive breast cancer and that mother died from breast cancer shortly after giving birth. The failure to diagnose breast cancer case resulted in a $1.5 million settlement after four days of trial with an initial offer of zero.

Breast cancer, in the early stages, can present in so many different ways. In some women, they may feel a lump or a mass in the breast or a shadow is seen on an ultrasound or mammogram. Other times, there may be a rash on the breast, dimpling of the breast tissue, an inverted nipple or discharge from a nipple. Whatever it is, the woman knows something is different with her body and needs it to be further evaluated. Many times, the doctor does not follow up on the breast changes or further evaluate something suspicious seen on a mammogram until it is too late.

Women are now doing their part to screen for breast cancer. They are doing self breast exams and are instructed to notify their physician if they notice any change in their breast. After that, women are at the mercy of their doctors and insurance companies to follow up on those changes. Unfortunately, that does not always happen and women, young women, female teenagers, or our loved ones, are dying due to a delay in diagnosing and treating breast cancer. Here at the nationally known Beasley medical negligence law firm, our medical and legal teams have reviewed thousands of cases where there was a delay in diagnosing cancer. Please feel free to contact a member of our medical team at (215) 866-2424. Our Philadelphia failure to diagnose attorneys, doctors and nurses really do understand and that is why we have over 2 billion awarded on behalf of our injured clients. We were there for them, and we are here for you.