$48.1 Million Awarded for Child that developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome SJS after taking Motrin

Here at The Beasley Firm, Jim Beasley Jr., along with our full-time staff of doctors and nurses, are very experienced with what causes SJS, and it is not just Motrin.

A California jury has awarded $48.1 million to a teenager who developed Stevens-Johnson syndrome after taking Motrin. When Trejo was 15-years-old, he was given Motrin for a minor ailment. After this teenager was given Motrin, it caused SJS, which is a more severe form of toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN). In other words, after taking the Motrin, it caused his skin to burn and blister from the inside out.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and TEN are extremely painful because the skin burns from the inside out, blisters and then can cause the skin to fall off of the body. In some cases, the person can die from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and infections just like any other burn patient. If they survive SJS, they can be left with severe scarring, blindness, and other permanent life-altering problems.

In Trejo's case, it was successfully argued that Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturers of Motrin, failed to warn buyers that the painkiller could cause deadly skin reactions such as SJS or TEN. According to the Complaint, the drug maker misrepresented study results and did not tell drug regulators or the medical community the entire truth about the risk of SJS and TEN from Motrin when it asked for approval to sell the medication without a prescription. The jury agreed and awarded $48.1 million in a California Court.

Earlier this year, a Philadelphia jury awarded $10 million to the family of Brianna Maya who sustained burns over 84% of her body and was left blind in one eye after taking Children's Motrin. In that Philadelphia case, it was determined that J & J was negligent in not providing proper warnings about the risk of SJS or TENS on the medication's label.

The lawyers, physicians and nurses here at The Beasley Firm are very experienced in reviewing cases where someone developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome after taking Motrin. Our medical knowledge also provides us with a strong familiarity of many other causes of SJS, such as anti-gout medications allopurinol, antibiotics, penicillins, and anticonvulsants. Other causes include various infections, viruses ( i.e. herpes), radiation and ultraviolet light. Jim Beasley Jr., who is an attorney and a physician, is currently representing a client who developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome after taking a medication.

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