Was a Model’s Death Due To a Blood Clot after Arthroscopic Surgery?

Actress, Model, and TV producer Mia Amber Davis, who was only 36 years old, died less than 24 hours after arthroscopic knee surgery. Her cousin, Dr. Mignon R. Moore, believes it may have been a blood clot that caused her death, but the final autopsy results and cause of death will not be made official for a few weeks. A family member was quoted as saying, "Nothing has been confirmed but the coroner did tell us that he thinks Mia died from a blood clot related to the knee surgery. We are just now finding out that this is all too common and people do not know the risks of arthroscopic surgery. They need to be made aware of the risks."

Many questions still need to be answered. Did a blood clot from her knee travel to her lungs and cause a pulmonary embolus or PE? Did a blood clot from her knee travel to her brain and cause a devastating stroke? Was she informed that a minor procedure like arthroscopic knee surgery could produce a deadly clot? Did she exhibit signs and symptoms of a clot after the surgery that went unaddressed? Only time will tell.

These are just some of the thoughts that go through our minds here at the nationally known Beasley medical malpractice law firm. Our highly specialized medical and legal teams have evaluated thousands of cases where a patient developed a blood clot after any type of surgery, no matter how minor or major the surgery was. Minor surgeries can also cause major problems. Many times, patients are not informed that minor surgeries can cause serious problems. In legal language, that is called a failure to warn or an informed consent issue. In addition, there may have been a failure to diagnose and treat a blood clot despite classic signs and symptoms. There are many possible reasons as to why someone, without any other medical problems, could die from a blood clot.

The physicians and nurses here at the Philadelphia Beasley medical negligence law firm have spent thousands of hours at hospital bedsides preventing, diagnosing and treating patients who developed blood clots after a surgical procedure. Our lawyers have had billions awarded on behalf of injured victims or family members of a wrongful death victim just like you.

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