Defective Trailer Hitches Can Kill Or Cause Serious Injuries – This Time It Was In New Jersey

Within the past twenty years, thousands of people have been injured and others killed as a result of defective trailers and trailer hitches.

Almost every driver has witnessed it at one time or another. As you are driving along a highway, you see a trailer swaying back and forth across the lines or worse yet, detach from the primary vehicle or truck. Many of these trailer detachments occur due to hitches that have corrosion, cracks, rust or faulty latches that seriously weakens the connection. Sadly, State and Federal governments have done little to regulate or enforce the thousands of trailers and hitches that are on the roads each day. The lack of oversight and regulation leads to more and more trailer hitch detachments that cause additional catastrophic injuries or even death.

Just last night, in New Jersey, there was another hitch failure that caused the pinning of an elderly couple in their car. Eyewitness Russell Woodward said that, "It was a pickup truck that was towing a trailer with a car on it, and the trailer came loose and hit a car head-on in front of the Agway." The scene of the accident was too gruesome for Woodward to stay and watch. After notifying the police of the accident, he had to return indoors, away from the accident. You can read more about the accident here:

The Lawyers at Philadelphia Beasley product liability law firm are well aware of these dangerous trailer hitch defects and have extensive experience representing injured victims, just like you or a loved one, as a result of defective trailer and defective trailer coupling devices.

Ron Melacon, is all too familiar with the dangers that trailers and trailer hitches pose to the community. He is on a mission to spread the word to the general public on just how deadly they can be. Please visit for more information.

If you or a family member has suffered a catastrophic injury or wrongful death from a defective product or trailer hitch, please contact our experienced Philadelphia unhitched trailers attorneys at (215) 866-2424. Our aggressive legal team of auto accident investigators and experts will offer a free consultation and bring the wrongdoers to justice to achieve the best results for you and your family. To date, the nationally recognized Beasley Law Firm has been awarded over $2 billion for their clients. Please feel free to look at our track record of success and call us for free no obligation consultation. We promise that we will never take a fee unless we win your case.


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