VA Hospital Patients are Being Raped and Sexually Assaulted, Only a Fraction of Them are Reported

A new government audit found that sexual assaults and rapes within the Veterans Affairs (VA) system are not being reported as they should be. The Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigative arm of Congress, reported that out of 300 sexual assaults on VA patients that were reported to the police, only a fraction of those sexual abuses were reported to VA leadership officials or the VA Inspector General's Office, as required. The reports of sexual assault included inappropriate touching, forceful examinations, forced sex, forced oral sex, forceful penetration, rape, and other sexual abuse incidents. When Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, first read the report, he was shocked. He said that it reminded him "of a 1950's prison system - lawlessness, lack of security and reporting, and outright disregard for human dignity."

It is estimated that nearly two-thirds of the 67 rape allegations, within a 5 year time frame, against both men and women in VA hospitals were not reported to the VA Inspector General's Office. Upon inspection of VA facilities, it was noted that there was poor monitoring of surveillance cameras, alarm system malfunctions, and failure of the alarms to alert both the VA police and staff. Unfortunately, the VA also does not have a system in place that would allow for tracking and trends of sexual abuse or sexual assaults over time, and therefore "cannot identify and make changes to serious problems that jeopardize the safety of veterans in their medical facilities."

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