Firecrackers, Fireworks, Bottle Rockets and Sparklers Send Thousands to Emergency Rooms with Burns, Blindness or Other Catastrophic Injuries

According to new data released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the 30 days surrounding the July 4th Holiday send approximately two thousand injured consumers to emergency rooms for firework related burns and injuries. In the year 2010, there were over 8,600 injuries involving fireworks including burn injury, lacerations, blindness, and catastrophic injuries that required emergency room treatment. Sadly, almost half, or over 40% of those injuries or wrongful deaths were to children younger than 15 years of age. Many consumers are led to believe that small fireworks like sparklers are safe, but they are not. Sparklers can burn at a temperature close to 3,000 degrees, which is hot enough to melt some metals. Children have been scalded or burned in bath water that had a temperature in between 100 - 200 degrees. Imagine the damage that 3,000 degrees can do to the skin.

If you are planning on celebrating the summer holidays with sparklers, bottle rockets or fireworks, make sure to follow certain safety steps such as:

  • Not allowing children to light or play with fireworks;
  • Always have an adult present when children are holding sparklers;
  • Have a bucket of water or garden hose ready just in case of an accident;
  • Never throw sparklers or fireworks at another person;
  • Never stand over a lit firework;
  • Wear glasses or other protective eye gear;
  • Wear sneakers instead of flip-flops, sandals or bare-feet;
  • Never try to re-light a firework that did not ignite;
  • Never pick up a firework that failed to ignite;
  • Never shoot a firework off from a glass container;
  • Wear non-flammable clothing when handling sparklers;
  • Secure long hair in a pony tail to prevent catching on fire and,
  • Douse or thoroughly saturate a firework or sparkler after they are done burning.

Unfortunately, many social hosts that have sparklers or fireworks during summer parties, pool parties, or 4th of July celebrations do not follow proper safety measures and it causes 2nd or 3rd degree burns, blindness, or even death to their guests. In addition, many manufacturers of fireworks, sparklers, or bottle rockets do not inform consumers of all the dangers. Please be aware that these products can be dangerous or deadly and take all the necessary safety precautions this summer season.

Here at the Beasley Philadelphia premise liability law firm we wish all of you a very enjoyable and safe summer season.