Jim Beasley, Jr. Does It Again: $800,000.00 Award For Chester County Medical Malpractice Eye Injury

How Did He Do It Since There Has Only Been One Plaintiff Win In Chester County Since 2005?

It is because Mr. Beasley's medical degree, in addition to his law degree, provides him with the knowledge and insight that other attorneys do not have.

Jim Beasley represented a graphic designer who suffered from headaches. His client was told by his ENT that he suffered from severe sinus disease, even though a CAT scan of his client's sinuses was basically normal. Despite the normal CT scan results, the doctor operated on Mr. Beasley's client. During the operation the doctor pushed the bone scraper through the bone in between the nose and eye and into the patient's right eye socket, injuring an eye muscle and cutting the nerve that controlled his eye movements. That serious negligent error caused permanent and catastrophic eye injuries. Not only was the doctor negligent in his techniques, but Mr. Beasley's medical training gave him the knowledge to see that the actual CAT scan was normal and did not show sinus disease.

Mr. Beasley's client's case went to trial in the Chester County Common Pleas Court, a notoriously tough place to win a medical malpractice case. “We had the odds stacked against us,” the client recalled. Yet, after only a four-day trial, a jury awarded the client $800,000.00.

In post trial conversations, the client said, “The defense lawyer was upset....so he asked the judge to poll the jury." The verdict was unanimous with all 12 jurors including the alternate juror, who was just curious and had stuck around after the case just to see the outcome. That alternate juror also raised his hand to show he agreed with the verdict.

How is it that the Beasley Firm can win cases in areas that others do not? It is because since 1958, the nationally known Beasley medical malpractice law firm has evaluated thousands of eye injury cases. Our highly specialized teams here at the Beasley Firm have been awarded over $2 billion dollars on behalf of families just like yours that have been injured. We have specialized teams of nurses and doctors on staff that have over 42 years of working in a hospital and caring for patients with eye injuries. One of the nurses on our staff worked at the nationally known Will's Eye Hospital and specialized in eye injuries or eye trauma. Our collective knowledge and experience assisted in obtaining two of the largest verdicts in Pennsylvania history, $907 million and $104 million, as well as countless other multimillion dollar judgments and settlements.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic eye injury or blindness due to a medical professional's negligence, contact one of our experienced Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers at (215) 866-2424. As always, we offer a zero fee guarantee which means that if we don't make a recovery on your behalf, you don't owe us a dime. We always offer a free, no obligation consultation.