The Eagles Pre-Season Game and Football Season Means One Thing...

More traumatic brain injuries or TBI's.

As soon as I hear that the Philadelphia Eagles are playing their first pre-season football game, I think fall, cooler days, colorful leaves on the ground, and sadly, head injuries. As with any sport, the risk of suffering head trauma or a brain injury is there, but head injuries or traumatic brain injuries are more common in football players. Even though many football players on community sport teams, high school teams, college teams, or even pro football teams think that their helmet will protect them from a head injury, it is not always the case.

Do you know that many community centers or school football teams reuse the same helmets year after year? Some schools or football organizations say they send their helmets to be inspected at the end of the football season, but are they? Were those helmets sent to a reputable company to repair and fix or were they sent to the cheapest company to repair and fix or worse yet, never sent to be fixed and repaired at all.

Unfortunately, many parents of a brain injured child do not find out until later that the helmet their son or daughter was provided was not inspected, refurbished properly or fixed of any defects or cracks. These are product defects that could have been easily fixed at a cost less than the cost of caring for a brain injured child for the next 30 or 40 years, much less than the "sport activity fee" that you, as parents, pay the school each year. I am a science major and not a math major. In fact, I am terrible in math, but they way I see it, it is much cheaper to fix a helmet than to pay for a brain injured person for the rest of his or her life.

I really wish you did not find us because that means someone in your life has suffered from a traumatic brain injury. Our Philadelphia product liability lawyers hope not to hear from you, but are here for you if you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury or is suffering due to a brain injury.