Are You Registered at Babies R Us, Target or Wal-Mart for the Best Baby Stroller?

Of course you are, just like my daughter who is expecting her first baby and many other women who are pregnant and expecting their first child. After walking through aisle after aisle of strollers and testing each and every one of them, you, I, and my daughter found the right one to protect our most precious gift.....or did we?

Unfortunately, maybe we didn't, but we will not find out until days, weeks or months later that the stroller we have can hurt, strangle, entrap or kill our baby. Sadly, many parents will never find out that the stroller their child is in, is not safe, and has been recalled.

Right now, the only way that a consumer or buyer of a product is contacted about there being a recall for a product they bought is by way of email. That is, if the consumer registered their purchase "on-line" and provided their email address. That is, if the buyer owns a computer. But as many consumers have found out, if you register your "recently bought purchase" online, you then receive multiple spam emails everyday on "daily specials" , "member only sales" or "daily internet special" spamming emails from that store. It turns consumers off from "registering" their purchased product. It makes consumers "unsubscribe" from the numerous, annoying, and daily sales pitch emails. I know it turned me off from registering any further product I buy. But now, since I chose not to get the spam emails or sales emails, I am also not getting any of the recall emails. So, unless I check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, FDA, or NEWS everyday, I am not aware if something I bought is dangerous or recalled. Is it my fault or the manufacturer's fault that chose to spam me after I registered my product?

Just recently, Explorer and Hammerhead Strollers have been recalled because the brake mechanism on the stroller can fail. How many Explorer or Hammerhead owners are aware of this? The strollers are sold online at,,, Babies R Us, and specialty baby stores in the United States and Canada. Are the owners of Explorer or Hammerhead strollers aware of this recall? Are they not made aware because they "unregistered" from email alerts because they were tired of all the sales emails? Do they own a computer to register their purchase? If a consumer opts out of receiving emails from the manufacturer due to spam emails, is it the buyer's fault or the manufacturer's fault when it comes to a failure to warn about potential dangers a product may cause?

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