Another Tragic Amusement Park Ride Accident at Mariner's Pier in Wildwood New Jersey

On Friday night, shortly after 9 p.m., while vacationers at the Jersey Shore were riding the Sea Dragon Ride at Mariner's Pier, a piece of the amusement park ride broke off, injuring 5 of the riders. The Morey Organization, owners of Mariners Landing, confirmed that it was a steel piece of the ship that fell onto the riders.

The Sea Dragon ride is a pirate ship that swings back and forth. As the ride was in motion, a piece of the steel metal center mast snapped off and landed on the riders. One of the teenage riders was transported to Cape Regional Medical Center with unknown injuries.

Sadly, this is the second amusement park ride accident on Mariner's Pier this summer. On June 3, an 11 year old Pleasantville girl died after falling from the park's Ferris wheel ride, approximately 30 feet from the Sea Dragon ride.

It makes one think about the safety and inspections of those amusement park rides after two serious amusement park ride accidents within weeks of each other, on the same Wildwood New Jersey Pier. Who is inspecting the rides that our children are going on? How often are the amusement rides inspected? Are they inspected after a record breaking rain fall, heavy thunderstorms or high winds hit the Jersey shore? Or, are they even inspected at all? When a family is on their summer vacation at the shore, the last thing they should have to worry about is if the rides they are going on are safe.

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