Birth Injury FAQs

  • What Is a Birth Injury?

    A birth injury occurs when an otherwise healthy baby suffers a traumatic brain injury, lack of oxygen to the brain, severe infection, lack of oxygen to internal organs, nerve injury, fractured bones, meconium aspiration or other serious insults or injuries during labor or delivery.
  • Does My Baby Have a Birth Defect or a Birth Injury?

    Birth injuries occur due to something that happened during labor and delivery. Birth defects develop during the developmental or growing stages of the baby during the pregnancy and prior to labor or delivery.
  • Who Is Responsible for a Birth Injury?

    Birth injuries can be due to negligence on behalf of your obstetrician, nurse midwife, family practitioner, delivery doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, paramedic, anesthesiologist, pediatrician, hospital, medical facility, or neonatologist.
  • What Should I Do if I Think My Baby Was Injured During Labor or Birth?

    Just like many other mothers who experienced something go wrong during labor or delivery of their baby, you turned to the Internet for answers to your questions. The injured person, family, or loved one usually has a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right during the delivery. The only way to really know if you have a medical malpractice case is to contact a highly qualified law firm to evaluate your issues and concerns. Our specialized birth injury and cerebral palsy team is made up of doctors, and nurses that have collectively worked over 25 years in the hospital, in the labor and delivery and neonatal intensive care (NICU) units. Two of our nurses, while working in the hospital setting, witnessed thousands of births and the devastating outcomes if the labor and birth were not monitored or treated properly.
  • My Baby’s Medical Bills Are So Expensive, How Can I Afford a Lawyer?

    Plaintiff attorneys, or the lawyers that help injured victims, usually do not ask for any money up front to work on your case. Most plaintiff lawyers will work your case at their expense. If there is an award, settlement, or recovery for you or your baby, the expense to work up your case is deducted from the amount you were awarded. Here at The Beasley Firm, if no award is won, you will not owe us any money.

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