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Over $2 Billion Awarded to Motorcycle Injury Victims in Pennsylvania

Someone once said, “Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.”

There is no doubt that riding a motorcycle is incredibly thrilling. Unfortunately, it can also be very dangerous. Our Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorneys at The Beasley Firm represent victims who were injured by the negligence of others throughout Pennsylvania.

Jim Beasley has been riding motorcycles for over 40 years. He recognizes where negligence exists, when problems occur, and what can be done to pursue compensation for injured parties.

You can trust that our team of motorcycle accident lawyers in Philadelphia will be by your side every step of the process, helping you make decisions that can lead to the most positive outcome possible. We have the experience, skill, and tenacity needed to help you obtain justice.

Successful Representation in Motorcycle Crash Cases

Because of the negligence of other drivers and the dangers posed by defective equipment, motorcycle accidents have the potential to lead to serious injuries, including:

Drivers have a duty to exercise care and caution toward other motorists at all times. When they fail to exercise that duty while driving alongside motorcyclists, grave injuries can result.

For instance, a Florida man was tragically killed when a Hummer drove through a flashing red light and struck his motorcycle. Our firm represented him, and his family was awarded $8.48 million for wrongful death and loss of potential future income, as well as other damages.

Similarly, The Beasley Firm represented a 49-year old Georgia man who was awarded $650,000 for suffering broken bones and a debilitating back injury following a collision with a car that carelessly pulled out onto the road after the driver failed to see the biker.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The most unfortunate part of motorcycle accidents is the fact that they are oftentimes entirely preventable. A lot of the time, it’s the driver in the passenger vehicle who doesn’t err on the side of caution, resulting in a serious motorcycle accident.

Major contributing factors include:

  • Speeding – Not all vehicles respect that motorcycles have a right to be on the road. They may not follow laws when motorcyclists are around because they don’t care about their safety. If a vehicle speeds, it can go through an area where a motorcycle is and result in a collision.
  • Blind spots – The blind spot is the areas next to the vehicle you cannot see when looking in your mirrors or my looking directly left. Drivers must turn their heads enough to see this blind spot. Because motorcycles are smaller, they may be hidden from view.
  • Left turns – Far too often, left turns are the areas where many motorcycle accident crashes occur. This is because people either turn in their vehicles in front of the motorcyclist, or because they speed towards the intersection while the motorcycle turns.

The Beasley Firm recognizes that individuals injured in motorcycle accidents are often left with severe pain and suffering. The injuries sustained in this type of accident are some of the most catastrophic simply because there is very little to protect the rider.

Accidents Caused By Roadway Hazards

City officials, governments, municipalities, and others are responsible for keeping their roads safe. When they fail in this regard, the agency responsible may hold liability for any accident resulting from the road danger. In other situations, there is a reasonable expectation of drivers to take precautions when on the road. In any case of negligence, however, you have legal rights.

  • Potholes: It is the city’s job to maintain their roads properly. When they fail to do so, potholes may arise, creating significant dangers on the road. A pothole can cause your motorcycle tire to pop or you to lose control of your motorcycle.
  • Missing traffic signals: Whenever there is a broken or missing traffic signal, it’s easy to see how many people make mistakes. People may fail to stop or speed through the intersection. As a motorcyclist, this type of accident can cause you significant harm.
  • Hidden stop signs: If there’s a large tree blocking a stop sign, it can turn a four-way stop into a perceived two-way. Some people may not look to determine if the stop sign is present, resulting in them traveling through the intersection without a second thought.

Accidents Caused By Motorcycle Defects

Of course, fellow drivers are not the only ones who owe motorcyclists a duty of care. You may also have a valid claim against the company that manufactured your motorcycle, or any of its parts that turned out to be defective or faulty, such as Harley-Davidson, Boss Hoss, Honda, or Suzuki.

Even riders who wear helmets and exercise caution may still suffer serious injuries or death due to product defects. For example, seat failures can cause a rider to lose control and be ejected in a crash. In 2005, Yamaha was forced to recall 200,000 motorcycles with defective seat brackets.

Other motorcycle defects that can cause injuries include:

The Beasley Firm has experience in representing motorcyclists injured by product defects. We represented Trish McCloud, who was awarded $15 million against Goodyear Dunlap Tires by an Illinois jury after a tire on her motorcycle blew out, causing her head to strike the pavement and resulting in severe brain damage and paralysis. Ms. McCloud brought a products liability claim against Goodyear for manufacturing defective tires and was awarded damages for disfigurement, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and past and future medical expenses.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a devastating injury, the Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyers at The Beasley Firm are here to help. The attorneys on our specialized motorcycle teams are riders themselves, and are well aware of the safety issues that threaten motorcyclists.

Our firm can help you obtain compensation for medical expenses you have been forced to pay, the income you have lost, and the severe pain and suffering you have endured.

Since 1958, our legendary motorcycle accident attorneys in Philadelphia have been awarded in excess of $2 billion and have obtained hundreds of verdicts, settlements, and awards in excess of $1 million. Our record of success speaks for itself. If you or a loved one has been injured or wrongfully killed due to a motorcycle accident, contact our experienced lawyers.

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