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A sampling of testimonials we have received

Congrats, Dr. Santangelo, on a job well done. Your client and her husband will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

(Juror #2)

Thank you. Thank you.

There was no other place on the web, in print, or any other Media that gave such full coverage of this trial.
People say they don’t want to put out all the details that make people cringe….But people need to cringe.
They need to know in detail what a priest did to a child and know in detail how it was handled by every other person who knew about it and did nothing to stop or report it.

And if any trial should have been reported in detail-IT WAS THIS ONE.
Not only because it was the first time someone beside the perp was accused, but also it is the first time what is contained in the “secret files” was revealed. It has taken 10+ years and many legal battles and this trial is the first time that what EVERYONE KNEW (everyone who tried to get them to get at the truth) was in those files, were not only able to get some, but have them become part of the open record.

Thank you for all that.

My only wish is that every one of those entries could have been front page news in every major city in the US.

Even more important, I wish that as part of the sentence/settlements those same “secret documents” could be posted on every single OFFICIAL diocese website–with an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that similar documents EXIST in EVERY diocese in the US.

The Scandal in the Roman Catholic Church (internationally) Scandal is 100′s of times bigger then the Penn state scandal, yet no one seemed board or repulsed by all the details scrounged up and reported in that story.

(A reader of the Philadelphia Priest Abuse Trial Blog – Sponsored by The Beasley Firm)

Jim, Please accept my sincere thanks for all you did for [mother] and [child]. You are a warrior.

From an attorney who referred Jim Beasley, Jr., a case involving a baby who was brain damaged at birth.

Dear Mr. Beasley,
So happy to have read that you were selected by your peers as one of Philadelphia’s Best Lawyers for 2012. You are truly your father’s son. Your father represented us in 1980 and we are not surprise that his son is carrying on with the same degree of profesionalism.

Joe & RoseAnn Guarnere

I am a licensed MD in Pennsylvania. When another doctor and hospital injured me, I needed representation by the best attorney in this field. I called James Beasley, Jr. He and his firm showed compassion, experience, and knowledge throughout the experience. The case was successfully litigated in Philadelphia Court. I highly recommend this firm.

Name withheld

One evening after being in complete dismay over yet another diagnosis being given to our son, Adam, I sat down at the computer to try to find some answers. During my search a survey popped up asking if I had a brain injured child and did I want to know if this could have been prevented. I decided to fill it out. Almost immediately after filing out the survey my home phone rang and I was greeted by an agent who said that I would be contacted within a few days. In fact that is exactly what happened. After some preliminary phone calls Mr. Beasley met with Adam’s father and myself in our home. He was very kind, considerate, professional and sympathetic to our child and his needs. During the course of the next few months documentation was gathered. The process was lengthy and Mr. Beasley and his firm were diligent in their efforts. Mr. Beasley and his staff were ever so prompt to answer any questions we had during this time. When the time came for a trial, we were nervous and Mr. Beasley was our voice of reason. He always kept us informed and we felt secure in his advice. After a decision was made by the courts, our relationship with Mr. Beasley did not end. He continued to follow us and tend to our needs. The outcome of our experience with Mr. Beasley and The Beasley Firm was more than favorable for our son. I now can rest easy knowing that Adam will be secure for the remainder of his life. The happiest day of my life was when Mr. Beasley advised me that my son’s difficult birth was not a result of anything that I had done. I will forever be thankful to James Beasley for relieving me of the guilt that weighed heavy on me since the day our son Adam was born.

Forever Thankful,
Raye Davidson

Stephen B. Lavner, Esq.
Sprague & Sprague
January 11, 2011

Dear Jim:

This is to advise you of my appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding efforts of your office and most notably, Scott A. Bennett, Esquire, who facilitated the resolution of the above matter. Although I had experienced considerable difficulties with my prior attorneys, Scott was a welcome and pleasant change. His easy-going manner, invaluable knowledge and skill and perseverance undoubtedly achieved this result. He is truly a credit to the Beasley Law Firm. On a personal note, I wish to express my appreciation for your professional courtesy and exemplary efforts in handling this case.

Best regards,
Stephen B. Lavner, Esq.

JoAnne A. Epps, Dean
Temple University James E. Beasley Law
September 7, 2010

Dear Jim:

I saw the article in The Legal Intelligencer about your philanthropy in the form of support for Temple LEAP. We continue, of course, to be grateful for your support and the leverage that such publicity provides. I am also writing, however, to applaud you for your generosity. That you recognize need and share your resources to meet it is truly admirable. Doing so in a way that encourages young people to consider a career in law only ensures that our profession will have a bright and promising future.

Our institution is the beneficiary of your generosity, and for that I am grateful. But your commitment deserves to be celebrated by all of us, and I am glad the Legal provided you the exposure you deserve.

My best wishes that all is well, and I look forward to seeing you soon. I hope the air show was enjoyable.

JoAnne A. Epps

JoAnne A. Epps, Dean
Temple University James E. Beasley Law
June 25, 2010

Dear Jim,

As a proud Philadelphian, I was pleased to read you were named one of the region’s Top 100 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers, and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this accomplishment. It is always a pleasure to learn about the successes of the law school’s distinguished alumni.

I wish you the best of luck in your future professional endeavors. The entire law school community is proud to celebrate your achievements.

JoAnne A. Epps

JoAnne A. Epps, Dean
Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law
November 16, 2009

Dear Jim,

I saw that your were honored for your contributions to VIP clients, and I wanted to send along my congratulations. You continue to honor your father’s legacy of service to others, and I know he would be proud. Happy Holidays. I hope to see you soon.


Harris T. Bock, Director
The Dispute Resolution Institute
April 8, 2009

Dear Jim:

Congratulations for a job “well done.” I have reviewed the evaluations and can assure you that your remarks were well received by 500 lawyers in attendance at the seminar yesterday.

As a small token of my appreciation, and with profound thanks from everyone at the seminar who benefitted from your insight, I am enclosing a “Shuffle” for your listening pleasure.

Best personal regards,
Harris T. Bock, Director

Evelyn Ristine
April 3, 2007

Dear Jim,

Thank you, so much, for all your insight and wisdom, in the determination of my decision for settlement. You were so very helpful in this process.

I hope your few days of “R and R” were great, with lots of fun and laughs, and without to many aches and pains.

Thanks again for your knowledge and good judgment. Be safe.

Evelyn Ristine

Barry Mulhern, Esq.
Swartz Campbell, LLC
May 10, 2006

Dear Jim,

Congratulations on your trial success – as I read in the Legal last week. I saw your partner in City Hall when he was on trial and he then called to mention that he settled for a good number. Finally, we have our other file under a settlement. In my view, this is not a bad few weeks of work for your firm.

I appreciate the way that you and Marsha handled our recent case while everyone on our end pulled the settlement pieces together. It was helpful that you let this get worked out by giving us some additional time.

Best personal regards
Barry Mulhern, Esquire