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Sprague v. Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc

Beasley Firm saves reputation in record defamation case

In the largest defamation award in Pennsylvania history, The Beasley Firm sued the Philadelphia Inquirer and won $34 million on behalf of Richard Sprague, who was accused of quashing a murder investigation when he was acting as Philadelphia’s Assistant District Attorney. Tried twice, with the first verdict of $3.4 million, when retried a different jury also found that the newspaper had intentionally harmed Mr. Sprague and came down with the record setting verdict. This case, handled by Jim Beasley Sr., lasted for more than twenty years and is a testament to the Firm’s tenacity in fighting for what’s right. Barbara Axelrod handled the lengthy appeal in this case, and was succesfully able to uphold most of the record verdict while also blocking the  defense’s effort for a Supreme Court review.