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Product Liability Lawyers at The Beasley Firm

The Beasley law firm is a nationally renowned and experienced Pennsylvania product liability law firm. The Beasley law firm in Philadelphia has successfully represented clients in Pennsylvania and nationally who were catastrophically injured or killed as the result of dangerous or defective products. Since the mid-1950s, the legendary Beasley law firm has been awarded over $2 billion on behalf of our clients. In 1984, the Beasley firm received the highest ever verdict against an aviation company at the time in the amount of $29 million against the Cessna airplane company after Jim Beasley demonstrated that 175,000 airplanes had been manufactured by Cessna with the defective pilot seat, which killed pilot Keith Harper. We have demanded that manufacturers make safer products by sending the message that safety should never be an option. Consumer safety should never be sacrificed for corporate and manufacturers’ profitability.

Profits Before Consumer Safety: Accountability for the Unacceptable

When you buy a product, you have every right to assume that the product should be safe and fit for normal and ordinary use. Too many times, however, major corporations place the interests of maximizing bottom line profitability over consumer safety. In some instances, this happens even after product recalls continue to market the dangerous and defective product. Unfortunately, many people have been killed or catastrophically injured due to dangerous products when the Corp. knew, or should have known, of the danger and failed to remove the defective product from the stream of commerce. If a dangerous or defective product has harmed you or killed your loved one, legendary Beasley product liability law firm will investigate what caused the injuries and which parties are responsible under the law. The legendary and experienced Beasley Pennsylvania product liability attorneys will work with investigators and experts to recover compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, lost income and medical expenses to hold the wrongdoers responsible.Philadelphia product liability cases present some of the most complex and challenging cases for many lawyers to handle and require a great deal of experience and expertise.

Types of Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims typically fall within three categories: manufacturing defects, design defects, and failures to warn. Manufacturing defects occur when products are manufactured and are different from the intended design and the product defect causes a bodily injury or death. A design defect occurs when products present a safety hazard in their design, such as when a circular saw lacks a safety guard. Failures to warn often occur when the manufacturers do not provide adequate warnings or instructions, which should caution the consumer of known danger, risks, or side effects. A product liability lawyer must demonstrate that the defect cause the plaintiff’s injuries. This often requires expensive and complex engineering, accident reconstruction and diligent investigation. It is also important for the plaintiff to demonstrate that the product was used in a reasonable manner.

Legendary Defective Product Case Results

The experienced Pennsylvania product liability lawyers of the Beasley firm have a legendary record of success prosecuting claims on behalf of catastrophically injured and deceased consumers against some of the world’s largest corporations. Our experienced product liability lawyers have handled the following types of defective product claims against manufacturers: 15 passenger van rollovers; Ford Explorer rollovers; airbag defects, including but not limited to airbag failure to deploy and over-aggressive deployment of an airbag; crashworthiness; defective and unhitched trailers; defective door latches; defective fuel systems; fuel fed fires and explosions; defective guns and ammunition; defective seatbacks; fuel tank explosions and fires; helmet failures; lap belt injuries and deaths; motorcycle helmet failures; rollover stability; roof crush; seatbelt failure; seatbelt defects; tire defects and blowouts; tire tread separation; pharmaceutical recalls; product recalls; flammable clothing and products; lawnmower injuries; dangerous or defective toys; elevator and escalator accidents; dangerous prescription drugs including cough medicines and dietary supplements; dangerous medical devices; defective household products; and defective heaters. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed by a defective product, you should immediately preserve the product and contact the experienced Beasley Pennsylvania defective product and product liability lawyers for free, no obligation consultation. Our legendary trial and Pennsylvania product liability lawyers have been awarded over $2 billion, representing consumers throughout America for over five decades. Our record of success speaks for itself and can be explored in greater detail on our website or by reading the acclaimed book “Courtroom Cowboy.” For a free, no obligation consultation, contact us online or at 888.823.5291. You can also read more about some of our product liability practice areas: