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Dram Shop Litigation Attorneys

Alcohol related automobile and trucking accidents are all too common, as are the traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, quadriplegia, paraplegia, amputations, or wrongful deaths that result from those accidents. Sadly, each year thousands of individuals are killed due to alcohol related accidents. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that approximately every 30 minutes, someone dies due to an alcohol related car accident.

Leaders in Liquor Liability and Dram Shop Law

Our Philadelphia dram shop attorneys have successfully held bars, night clubs, casinos, restaurants, country clubs, yacht clubs, social clubs, after hour clubs, and adults or parents accountable for serving alcohol to someone that was underage or visibly drunk, intoxicated, or inebriated. The Super Lawyers at the Beasley Firm are the experts in liquor liability or dram shop cases. Our nationally known law firm has obtained countless six and seven figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of those who have been harmed because someone was legally drunk. Our verdicts or settlements not only include awards for the injured victim, or the intoxicated individual that caused the harm, but also includes negligence we uncovered when an establishment that serves alcohol, continued to serve alcohol to an individual after that patron was visibly drunk.

In addition to businesses that serve alcohol, we have also successfully held adults or parents accountable for allowing or serving alcoholic beverages or beer to minors. Our firm recently obtained a large verdict for the family of a young boy who was tragically killed on a railroad track after his friend’s parents allowed the underage boys to drink beer in their home before going out for the night.

For the past 34 years, Scott Bennett, who was named one of Philadelphia’s Super Lawyers, has been the “go to” attorney with any motor vehicle crash, automobile accident, or auto-pedestrian accident. Bennett just has that unique skill, talent, and knowledge that many do not have when it comes to any auto related accident.

In addition, our Firm’s Pennsylvania Super Lawyers, Jim Beasley, who was named one of the top Plaintiff attorney’s in the United States and, Dion Rassias, who was selected as one of Pennsylvania’s forty best lawyers under the age of 40, recently obtained a substantial seven figure settlement on behalf of a college student killed by a trash hauler, and the funds obtained in the recovery were put into a non-profit fund to help create an endowment at the student’s school.

A Firm That Doesn’t Need to Make Promises – We Just Win

Since 1958, the legendary and highly specialized Pennsylvania alcohol-related injury lawyers of The Beasley Firm have held irresponsible wrongdoers accountable for their actions. The skill and expertise of the lawyers here at the Beasley negligence law firm has allowed us to receive multiple million and multi-million dollar awards for our clients. We received so many six and seven figure settlements that we now have over billions awarded for our injured clients.

Here at the Beasley wrongful death law firm, we believe it is important to hold the people who irresponsibly served alcohol to an individual that was underage or intoxicated financially responsible for the catastrophic injuries or death it caused.