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Philadelphia Child Injury Lawyers — Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware Lawsuits

We’re not just lawyers, we’re parents, too. Every attorney at The Beasley Firm has children of their own, and we know the lengths to which parents go to ensure their children’s health and safety. We’ve stayed up all night watching fevers, fumbled with frustrating car seats, tried to convince our kids to eat their broccoli, and grabbed our kid’s hand when they tried to run in the road.

But children get hurt, too, sometimes seriously, and sometimes permanently. Just like adults, when a child is injured by the negligence of someone else, they’re entitled to recover compensation for their damages, from the cost of medical care in the future, to lost wages, to compensation for the diminished quality of live. We’ve handled all manner of child injury claims, such as:

Children are in many ways more exposed to danger than adults, both because they engage in activities that appear safe but which aren’t — everything from playing in a moon bounce, to using a trampoline, to riding an escalator can seriously injured children — and because of their youthful misjudgment.

If your child has been seriously hurt by someone else’s negligence, contact us for a free, confidential consultation. For over fifty years, we’ve helped families just like your’s do what they need to do for their children, recovering the compensation they need to get them as close to where they would have been, and to make sure they will have the care and opportunities they deserve.