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An amputation is when any body part is either wholly or partially lost as a result of an accident, assault, malpractice, negligence or product defect. Any amputation of an arm, leg, foot, hand, finger, or toe is a life altering event that causes the injured victim to have to relearn how to perform the basic tasks of life.  Any person who has suffered an amputation is faced with extensive physical therapy and occupational therapy just to learn how to carry out the basic tasks of everyday living.  Not only does an amputation cause physical injuries, it also causes emotional injuries, lost income or wages, expensive medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of companionship as well as many other problems and hurdles.

Amputations can be a result of work place injuries, product defects, negligence, malpractice or a failure to diagnose and treat a medical emergency.  Some of the more common causes of limb amputations are:

Any victim of an amputation is going to have a life-long battle they are going to have to fight. Our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys here at The Beasley Law Firm understand that and have successfully represented amputation victims and their families with documented results. In addition to our experienced lawyers, we also have on staff two physicians and three registered nurses, two of them who are certified emergency room trauma nurses, who have spend thousands of hours in emergency rooms or intensive care units caring for patients with amputations just like the one you or a loved one had to undergo. Our highly specialized and experienced amputation teams have fought hard and won for people, just like you, who were victims of traumatic amputations or wrongful death. If you or a loved one has been a victim of an amputation or wrongful death, please contact one of our experienced attorneys, doctors or nurses at 1.888.823.5291 for a confidential and free consultation.