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Kate Houck


For Ms. Houck, what began as a post-high school filing clerk position at an adjustment bureau, quickly progressed into a highly experienced litigation paralegal profession. To those in the legal profession that know Kate and have had the opportunity to work with her, this came of no surprise to them.

Since 1981, Ms. Houck has had an insatiable desire to learn everything there was to learn about the paralegal profession. If she did not know the answer to something, she was relentless and used every possible resource to find the answer. Instead of fearing attorneys, she embraced their knowledge and learned everything she could from them.

The knowledge and expertise Kate acquired throughout the years has transformed a file clerk into a highly sought after, exceptional litigation paralegal. Here at the Beasley Firm we are extremely fortunate to have Ms. Houck as part of our team. Kate’s extensive litigation knowledge leaves no stone unturned when she is assisting in preparing cases for trial. She can be given a case after an initial interview and will independently work it up through discovery, depositions, deadlines, motions, and all the way up to trial.

Throughout the years, Kate has accurately and independently summarized thousands medical records and depositions, drafted Complaints, served and answered discovery, provided lien resolutions, worked on arbitrations, as well as any and all other aspects of trial preparation in medical malpractice cases, product liability, landlord-tenant disputes, personal injury, automobile accidents, defamation claims as well as many other cases. Ms. Houck is such an exceptional litigation paralegal that in the past, attorneys have said to her, “just let me know when you need me to do something”.

Here at the Beasley Law Firm, we are very fortunate to have such an experienced and highly talented litigation paralegal on our team.