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David A. Yanoff



David is the man to see when the opposition appeals cases we win in court. A native Philadelphian, and graduate of the City’s Central High School and University of Pennsylvania, he worked at the Firm while attending the Temple University Law School that bears the Beasley name, and was hired as an attorney by Jim Beasley, Sr., immediately upon his graduation in 1987, magna cum laude, and admission into the Pennsylvania Bar.

In Fledderman v. Glunk, a medical malpractice case involving the tragic death of a 19-year-old woman, David’s post-trial and appellate work on behalf of the young woman’s family has resulted in the upholding of a verdict in their favor totaling $20.5 million – as well as a ruling returning the case to the trial court for the computation and award of additional damages.

In Tindall v. Friedman, a case involving delay in the diagnosis of a young man’s cancer, David’s post-trial and appellate work on behalf of the young man and his wife resulted in the upholding of a verdict in their favor totaling $3.8 million – as well as reinstatement of the judgment against the corporate defendant best able, among the defendants, to pay that verdict.

Similarly, in Fernandes v. Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, his post-trial and appellate work resulted in the upholding of a verdict for the plaintiffs, a stroke victim and his wife of many years, totaling $5 million.

Cases such as Ladov v. Skrentner and Tiburzio-Kelly v. Montgomery, conversely, exemplify how David’s efforts on appeal have also resulted in the reinstatement, for our clients, of claims wrongly dismissed by trial courts, or whole new trials for our clients based on evidentiary rulings wrongly made by trial courts.

These are but a handful of illustrations of the appellate specialty in which David has excelled for years, on behalf of clients ranging from families with no prior involvement with the legal process to other attorneys, Judges, courts and court personnel.

David’s skills are also frequently tapped, by his colleagues, in advance of trial, for the preparation and filing of important motions or responses which have not only helped pave the way for success at trial, but even before, when the resulting rulings, or even the filings themselves – even (as was done in a classic gambit by Jim Beasley, Sr., in the libel case of Cipriano v. Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc.) an advance copy sent to the opposition of what otherwise would be filed – have convinced defense counsel of the wisdom of settlement.

David’s exemplary talent for legal writing in general, and the art of appellate persuasion in particular, is widely recognized. His work regularly draws the highest of praise, not only from his colleagues at the Firm, but from opposing counsel, and Judges – and it produces results.