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Professional Malpractice Lawyers

Professional Malpractice is an umbrella term that includes malpractice committed by professionals such as physicians, accountants, lawyers, dentists, engineers, psychologists, architects and any other profession.

The cornerstone of our practice, litigation surrounding professional negligence, is when a professional fails to comply with the professional and ethical standards of their association and it caused physical injury, emotional distress, or financial problems to a person or business. For over 50 years we have been very successful in this highly technical, complex, and specialized area of the law.

Accounting Malpractice

After the Enron collapse, it became widely recognized that accounting firms or certified public accountants (CPA), can be guilty of professional malpractice. Accounting professionals must act in a way that is best for their client’s interest, comply with state and federal laws, and remain ethical, competent, and objective. If an accountant or accounting firm does not follow their professional standards, they can be found to be negligent. Another example of accounting malpractice is if an accountant does not file a client’s tax return by the deadline.

Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice is the term used to describe a lawyer or law firm that has been negligent and it caused harm to a client or party. Legal malpractice could happen if an attorney or lawyer missed a statute of limitations deadline, did not name the right person or party in the lawsuit, had a conflict of interest, failed to vigorously or correctly represent you, missed filing deadlines, failed to properly advise you, or breached fiduciary duty. A breach in fiduciary duty occurs when a lawyer acts in his or her own interest and not you, the client. Just recently, in the news, is just how unjust a lawyer can be. Seventy year old attorney Samuel Liebman was made the administrator of an elderly woman’s estate. Instead of looking after her best interest, he stole almost a half of a million dollars from her. (Read the full story.)

Here at the nationally known Beasley malpractice law firm, we know the law and also know how to best uncover the specific facts of each malpractice claim to obtain the best results we can for our clients. This mix of experience, skill, and hard work has resulted in the two largest negligence verdicts in Pennsylvania history. In addition, we’ve have won countless other multimillion dollar judgments and confidential settlements in all aspects of malpractice claims. Our passion to fight for all that have been wronged has led to billions awarded for our clients. We will fight the same way for you.