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Defamation Lawyers – Media, Newspaper, and Television Lawsuits

Philadelphia Defamation, Libel, and Slander Lawyers

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Warren Buffet

“The truth is generally the best vindication against slander.” Abraham Lincoln

We all have heard the phrase, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” but that’s more true for children than it is for adults — words can seriously hurt or damage our personal, professional and business interests. Since 1958, The Beasley Firm has represented public figures, politicians, physicians, television personalities, journalists, business owners, teachers, and many others that have been seriously harmed by hurtful written or spoken words. Here are just some of our awards that helped someone just like you get back on their feet again and clear their name after something false was written about them:

Sprague v. Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc.: $34 million libel verdict, the largest defamation award in Pennsylvania history; The Beasley Firm sued the Philadelphia Inquirer and won $34 million on behalf of Richard Sprague, who was accused of quashing a murder investigation when he was acting as Philadelphia’s Assistant District Attorney.

McDermott v. PNI: $6 million libel verdict: The Beasley Firm represented Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice James McDermott in a newspaper series titled “Above the Law,” a seven week trial involving a story that accused Justice McDermott, and others on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, of corruption and unethical behavior. The jury deliberated for nine hours and awarded Justice McDermott $3 million compensatory and $3 million punitive damages.

Cipriano v. PNI: CONFIDENTIAL settlement (the Philadelphia City Paper said it was “widely rumored to be for as much as $7 million”). This case is the only known time that a reporter sued his own employer for libel. Ralph Cipriano was a reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer for over twenty years; while working the religion beat, had uncovered massive corruption in the catholic church. When reporter Cipriano tried to have the Inquirer publish his story exposing the Archdiocese for extravagant spending while at the same time closing parochial schools, the newspaper’s editor refused to publish it. Reporter Cipriano had the article instead published in the National Catholic Reporter; when the newspaper’s editor was asked why they didn’t publish the piece, he accused Cipriano of writing false information.

Laxalt v. Sacramento Bee: We represented then-Senator Paul Laxalt (R, Nev) against the Sacramento Bee, which reported that Laxalt was “skimming” profits from a casino in which he had an interest. For the first time in its history, the paper published a retraction and paid over $750,000.00.

Hilary Koprowski, M.D. v. Rolling Stone Magazine: Dr. Koprowski is credited as being one of the creators of the polio vaccine; Rolling Stone magazine wrote an article accusing Dr. Koprowski of causing AIDS – the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) due to his work with monkeys on the Polio vaccine. We brought suit against Rolling Stone and, among other things, they published a detailed retraction to clear Dr. Koprowski’s name.

Substantial CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT and a retraction for a prominent local attorney who was ambushed in his office and accused by the news media of not having the correct qualifications to operate the aircraft he unfortunately crashed and suffered serious injuries. This case was significant in that we were able to have this attorney considered a private figure in spite of his prominence in the national legal community.

Henne M.D. v. Thomas Jefferson University and Feldman, M.D. CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT for a libel suit against Dr. Henne’s employer, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, for defaming the emergency room physician’s name due to him refusing to preferentially direct patients away from their regular doctors and to Jefferson University to increase business to the hospital.

Confidential Settlement for Rob Guarino, former Fox Philly 29 News meteorologist and weatherman, and founder of against a former business partner who posted false and defaming comments about Mr. Guarino on the web site.

The Beasley Firm is where doctors, journalists, business owners, attorneys, and political leaders have turned to when they were defamed and our success shows that we not only got compensation for them for their pain and losses, but also cleared their names. To date, our clients have been awarded over $2 billion in settlements and verdicts.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to defamation, libel, or slander, contact one of our experienced Philadelphia defamation lawyers at 1-(888) 823-5291. We always offer a free, no obligation consultation. Please note that we normally represent clients with claims against major media companies, such as newspapers, television stations, magazines, and book publishers, and their employees. We do not typically pursue claims against individuals for Facebook comments, accusations in the workplace, and the like.