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Civil Rights Lawyers

Civil rights lawsuits are notoriously complicated and difficult to win. There’s no constitutional duty for the police force to be competent, and prosecutors aren’t legally required to understand constitutional rights. Dozens of cases in front of the United States Supreme Court have severely limited the rights that innocent people have when the police or the district attorneys violate their rights. Each year, hundreds of civil rights lawsuits are dismissed by courts before they ever see a jury. It’s crucial that each civil rights case be handed carefully, with a thorough investigation and a precise approach to the law, because one mis-step in bringing the case can cause it to be dismissed.

The Philadelphia-based civil rights lawyers at The Beasley Firm have represented dozens of innocent people who were the victims of police brutality, wrongful taser use, excessive force, and wrongful arrests and imprisonment. We know how to help people who were denied their rights.

When we forced the Philadelphia Housing Authority to install smoke detectors in all public housing, it was a civil rights victory fueled by our construction law expertise. When a public official was maligned by the Mayor, it was through our expertise in this complicated area of the law that his voice was heard.

When we represented people grievously injured at the Great Adventure amusement park, it was a civil rights victory fueled by our complex litigation expertise.

Do you believe your civil rights have been violated? Contact us to see if we can help.