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Aviation Law Attorneys

Leasing or owning an airplane is like combining all of the frustrations of home, time-share, car, boat, and business operation into one complicated package. We know that because our firm is run by a pilot with his own planes. From the financing, to the purchase, to the registration, to the taxes, to the title, to the storage, to the FAA and the TSA, to the maintenance, there’s a lot that can go wrong — beyond aviation accidents — that can go wrong with an airplane.

We take particular pride in this practice because many lawyers at the Beasley Firm have been commercial pilots and flight instructors. Jim Beasley Jr., a commercially rated pilot with twenty years of flight time, is one of only twelve civilians permitted to fly with the United States Air Force as well as an internationally recognized airshow pilot. He has thousands of hours in high performance World War II fighter aircraft, and with his P-51 “Mustang” is the lead pilot for “The Horsemen,” an aggressive and exciting formation aerobatic act — watch a video of it here:

If you lease or own a plane and are considering litigation for breach of contract, maintenance negligence, or pilot error causing damage, contact our aviation lawyers for a free consultation. Contingent fee and flat fee representation is available for certain cases.