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Complex Litigation Lawyers at The Beasley Firm

Complex Litigation is just that, complex, or difficult to understand, and made up of many different parts. Here at the nationally recognized Beasley Law Firm, where we have been awarded billions of dollars on behalf of our clients, nothing is too complex for us. We thrive and succeed when presented with difficult, complex, and challenging issues. Not only do we take on cases that other law firms do not, we win them.

We were the first and only law firm in the entire United States to win $104 million on behalf of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. When we filed the case, it was widely laughed at by other lawyers, attorneys, or law firms. No one thought that any law firm could win against the Republic of Iraq, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. But we did.

Prior to that, we received the largest judgment ever against one person. We were awarded a $907 million verdict in a civil suit against Ira Einhorn for the murder of his girlfriend Holly Maddux. At the time, it was one of the most shocking murders in Philadelphia history and we won the case against Einhorn while he was still hiding in France. Einhorn and Maddux met here in Philadelphia while Einhorn was studying at the University of Pennsylvania. After a 5 year relationship, Maddux left Einhorn to live in New York, and started dating Saul Lapidus. When Einhorn learned of her new relationship, he asked Holly to return to his apartment to collect her personal things. She did. That was the last time anyone saw Holly. Eighteen months later, police found Holly’s decomposing body in Einhorn’s closet. Einhorn’s response was, “you found what you found.” Arlen Specter, Einhorn’s attorney, had his bail reduced to $40,000 and had him released from custody in advance of his trial after paying only $4,000. Just days before Einhorn’s trial was to start, he fled the country.

Experienced, Resourceful Lawyers Fighting Your Battles

It takes a very special talent, skill, and drive to win highly complex cases. Over and over again, the highly skilled and knowledgeable Philadelphia lawyers at Beasley Firm have proven that it is not that difficult or complex to win a case. From record setting medical negligence claims, to the largest civil verdict against an individual, to the first – and still the only – September 11 terrorist judgment, we use our creativity, resources, experience, knowledge, and hard work to win some of the most complicated issues. Regardless of the situation, if someone or some business needs our expertise, knowledge, and track record of success, we are here to help you. For us at the Firm, the more complex and challenging the case is the better. Your opponents will not know what hit them.