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Seat Belt Failure Attorneys

You, as the driver, before you put your car, SUV or mini-van into drive, probably say to your children, spouse, mother, father, loved one, or passengers something like, “Are you all buckled in?” That is because you know that seat belts save lives…Or do they?

The legendary Philadelphia Beasley Firm automotive defect lawyers have been prosecuting and winning defective seat belt cases for decades. We are well aware of the potential dangers seat belt defects present and how they cause life altering injuries or even death when the seat belt safety system fails.

We have all heard the slogan, “Seat belts save lives”. Normally that is the case. However, if the seat belt and its mechanisms fail to operate properly, the seat belt can cause serious head, spinal cord, or internal injuries, and even death. When a seat belt fails, the driver or occupants can become projectile missiles inside a closed compartment that can lead to a severe traumatic brain injuries, fractured spines, paralysis, quadriplegia, paraplegia, disembowelment, blindness, loss of limbs, severe spinal injuries, burns, scarring and death.

When The Last Defense Fails Trusting Motorists

Seat belt failures are usually the result of poor design or faulty manufacturing. During a collision or motor vehicle accident, it is essential to keep the driver or passenger contained within the seat and vehicle to minimize any injury produced by the violent forces of a car accident. Technically, the seat belt should hold the occupant securely in the seat and allow him or her to ride down the crash. Seat belts are supposed to minimize or eliminate a person’s contact with the windshield, dash board, steering wheel, or the roof. In some instances of seat belt failure, our experienced Pennsylvania seat belt defect lawyers have determined that a complete ejection from the vehicle, through the windshield, resulted from a seat belt component failure or a design defect that caused catastrophic injury and ultimately a very painful death. Seat belt defects consist of:

  • latch problems;
  • defective belting or webbing material;
  • retractor failure;
  • poor seat belt geometry;
  • sensor failure; and,
  • one of the worst design defects in our experience, the lap only belt designs that can cause deadly internal bleeding or organ injuries.

Up until the late 1980’s, shoulder belts were not mandatory in the rear seats of most U.S. cars. Many of those older vehicles are still out on the roads today. Worse yet, most of the drivers that own cars manufactured in the 1980’s are young, teenage males, who statistically have an overall higher rate of automobile accidents or car crashes each year. In fact, lap/shoulder belts were not required for rear seats of vehicles until 1989. Our experienced Philadelphia product liability injury lawyers have been able to prove that not only are lap belts dangerous because they fail to provide adequate protection in the event of an accident, but some of the older lap seat belt designs can actually cause more severe and fatal injuries to the person wearing them rather than if they had not been wearing them at all. Lap seat belts isolate the violent impact a crash forces to a person’s midsection, often resulting in severe injuries to the internal organs and spinal cord, including but not limited to, a lacerated spleen, lacerated liver, lacerated bowel, paraplegia, quadriplegia, spinal fractures, and death.

Changing the Standard of Vehicle Safety

Our experienced Philadelphia lap seat belt defect lawyers believe that lap seat belts may be one of the most dangerous auto defect problems in existence today. Our skilled Philadelphia auto product liability lawyers and experts have worked on multiple cases where there was a catastrophic injury to the spine, internal organs, or death due to the use of a lap seat belt.

Since 1958, the legendary Philadelphia Beasley Firm has set a national standard in the area of product liability law. Our auto defect and seat belt defect teams consist of several skilled and experienced automotive product liability defect lawyers, as well as doctors, nurses, and biomechanical experts. Our skilled defective seat belt attorneys have been awarded in excess of $2 billion dollars since 1958, and have recovered hundreds of million and multi-million dollar awards, settlements, and verdicts. We always offer a free, no obligation consultation, and of course, our no recovery, zero fee guarantee. For more information, contact us online or toll free at 1-(888) 823-5291.