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15-Passenger Van Accident Lawyers

15-Passenger Vans Are Machines Of Death

Single vehicle rollover accidents involving 15-passenger vans continue to plague school children, school trips, tour groups, sports teams, church groups, people being transported to airports, Paratransit passengers, and many other unknowing and innocent victims. The experienced Philadelphia vehicle accident lawyers of The Beasley Firm have known for many years that 15-passenger vans continue to be one of the most unsafe vehicles on the road and suffer from a multitude of design defects that manufacturers knew about. In addition, van accidents have also been caused by driver impairment due to medications, alcohol, illegal drug usage, cell phone use or texting, and careless or reckless driving.

Our experienced 15-passenger van attorneys have fearlessly and successfully taken on the manufacturers of these products achieving some of the highest recoveries in the United States. Our 15-passenger van attorneys have intimately shared the pain and loss of all too many parents, athletes, children, tour groups, and churchgoers who were unaware of these defects and dangers until the unfortunate accident happened. Government research and research done by the automobile manufacturers indicates that there is a significant risk of rollovers in 15-passenger vans when they are fully loaded. SUVs share similar risks of rollover as 15-passenger vans. Many times the 15-passenger van rollover or SUV crash occurs due to defective tires or inexperienced, untrained, or impaired drivers in an accident avoidance situation.

Fighting the Van Rollover Epidemic

The victims and passengers of these unfortunate and tragic 15-passenger van accidents are well advised to contact one of the experienced Beasley 15-passenger van rollover accident attorneys to fully investigate the crash and recover proper compensation that they rightfully deserve because the manufacturers of these vans knew of the defects and continued to sell them, never recalling them. The 15-passenger van is extraordinarily easy to rollover when fully loaded because they have a high center of gravity and other design defects create unsafe conditions, uneven weight distribution, and instability in a tire blowout or accident avoidance maneuver. Those catastrophically injured and family members of those wrongfully killed have a legal right to hold the manufacturer of these dangerous products or driver responsible for physical and financial injuries. Accident victims and family members can also go a step further and make the manufacturer admit in court what they have known all along – that these vehicles simply are not safe.

In just the last year, the epidemic of 15-passenger van rollovers continued to kill innocent churchgoers. On January 10, 2010, an Ohio-based church van rolled over on U.S. Route 23, catastrophically injuring 10 occupants. Not so dissimilar from other church van rollovers, this church van was coming back from a church retreat when the van allegedly veered, causing the driver to lose control. The van rolled over multiple times before landing on its wheels in a ditch, ejecting and throwing many of the victims from the van. 15-passenger vans have been deemed to be a high risk by a jury inquest in Canada.

In another church van accident, a 15-passenger Ford van carrying at least 16 people from the New Life Worship Center lost control killing at least two people and catastrophically injured several others with permanent injuries. 15-passenger vans have an extremely high rollover rate of 85% in single vehicle crashes with 10 to 15 occupants versus 28% for vans carrying fewer than 5 people.

Recently in September of 2010, 7 people were killed in another rollover accident. 7 church members were catastrophically injured after a tire blew out on a 15-passenger church van, sending the vehicle rolling over causing passengers to be ejected from the vehicle. The Beasley lawyers have successfully handled cases almost matching this accident involving another church group and unfortunately it is not surprising that the facts are almost identical.

Leverage, Knowledge, and Experience Working in Your Favor

The experienced 15-passenger van rollover attorneys at the Beasley Firm have internal corporate documents in their possession clearly indicating that the manufacturers of these vans knew of the defects, yet continued to sell defective vehicles due to extremely high profit margins. This choice to keep dangerous vans on the road was made despite a minimal expenditure to fix the defect that they knew about even when their own drivers and experts were being injured during testing procedures. Because these vehicles carry a large number of people and weight and the drivers are not required to have a special commercial driver’s license, they were generally known as the “smart choice” for transporting millions of school children and churchgoers across the United States until the reports of rollover deaths in 15-passenger vans began coming in.

The Beasley Firm’s Philadelphia auto product liability lawyers have set the standard in product liability and driver negligence cases nationwide since 1958. Our legendary lawyers are not afraid to take on the world’s biggest corporations. We understand how manufacturers will try to hide the evidence that manifests the inherent danger and defects in their products. We are familiar with how to punish the defendants who continue to place such unsafe products on our streets, roads and highways. Our attorneys are not afraid to ask juries for substantial awards of punitive damages, bringing the manufacturers to their feet with large and meaningful verdicts the same way that the victims and their families were brought to their feet in shock when they learned of a catastrophic injury or death involving their loved ones.

Since 1958, the legendary Philadelphia product liability lawyers of The Beasley Firm have been awarded in excess of $2 billion dollars and have sustained hundreds of verdicts, settlements, and awards in excess of $1 million dollars. Our record of success speaks for itself. If you or a loved one has been injured or wrongfully killed in a 15-passenger van or rollover accident, please contact one of our experienced Philadelphia van rollover lawyers at 1-(888) 823-5291. As always, we offer a zero fee guarantee which means that if we don’t make a recovery on your behalf, you don’t owe us a dime. We always offer a free, no obligation consultation.