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Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers

Welcome to The Beasley Firm - "We Win Your Battles"

Since 1958, The Beasley Firm has fought for the legal rights of injured persons. Our cases have changed the law, have set records for personal injury and medical malpractice jury verdicts, and have made a real difference in people's lives: both in ensuring compensation and care for the injured, and in holding companies accountable for their negligence, so they'll be more careful in the future. Our record of verdicts and settlements speaks for itself. All told, we have obtained for our clients over $2 billion in awards, including more than a billion dollars in wrongful death benefits, and several hundred million dollars in compensation and future medical benefits for children with cerebral palsy.

We are at the forefront of the legal professional, both in developing the law and in winning jury trials. In the past three years, our lawyers have won, among other cases: a $12.6 million verdict in Philadelphia for a young boy who was left severely brain damaged by an umbilical cord prolapse; an $8 million verdict for a man injured in a helicopter crash; a $4.875 million verdict for a woman left paralyzed after a spinal surgery infection; a $4.2 million verdict in Philadelphia for a business man forced out of the company he founded; a $3.75 million verdict in Delaware County for a young girl who was brain damaged by medical malpractice during her birth; and, a $1.97 million verdict on behalf of a woman whose doctor failed to diagnose her locally recurrent tubo-ovarian cancer. In that same time we also won a case in front of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that benefitted all injured persons in Pennsylvania by protecting their right to compensation for reckless conduct even where they signed a waiver, won in the Pennsylvania Superior Court reinstatement of a malicious defamation case against one of the largest media companies in the area and reinstatement of a case on behalf of a person injured by an improper clinical trial, and won in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals reinstatement of a case on behalf of feature film investors defrauded by a national bank. Due to confidentiality clauses, we can’t disclose the details on the cases we settled, but you can read more about our recent public successes on our "In the News" page.

Our firm was founded by the legendary Jim Beasley, the legal trailblazer after whom Temple University's Law School — which has one of the best trial advocacy programs in the country, thanks in part to Jim Beasley's contributions — is named. The firm is now under the direction of his son Jim Beasley, Jr., M.D., and continues to be the go-to firm for serious litigation and trial legal representation. In the past few years, we've represented, for example, a sitting judge in his suit against the Commonwealth and multiple former Assistant District Attorneys bringing claims against major media companies and government entities that tried to influence elections. A year ago, when a major medical clinic in Philadelphia saw that competitors were disparaging it online, it turned to The Beasley Firm — even though The Beasley Firm had recently sued that same clinic for medical malpractice. When they needed results, they knew where to turn.

We believe in putting the power of law back in the hands of the people, and that starts with letting the people see inside their courtrooms. In 2012, we launched with two award-winning veteran journalists to provide full gavel-to-gavel coverage of the biggest trials in Philadelphia — the best coverage of these cases anywhere, with no editorial restrictions, all free for the public to read. Our coverage of the landmark priest abuse prosecution against Monsignor Lynn and of the racketeering prosecution of “Uncle Joe” Ligambi won national accolades.

We also view the practice of the law as an honor and a privilege, and pride ourselves on our commitment to the community, including through pro bono work. The Beasley Firm was one of four Philadelphia law firms to be awarded the prestigious William J. Brennan Award for its continuous support of the Philadelphia Volunteers for the Indigent, and every year multiple firm attorneys are listed on the Pennsylvania First Judicial District's Pro Bono Honor Roll.

We write frequently about the law of personal injury and medical malpractice; if you're just browsing, please take a moment to read our Personal Injury Blog. Then fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1 (888)-823-5291 for a free, confidential consultation with our ten lawyers, two doctors, nursing consultants, and two dozen support staff members.

Jim Beasley Takes the Lead

"If I ran a school for trial lawyers, I would make them all learn to fly. Fliers know how to make decisions without leaning on someone else for help." -- F. Lee Bailey

In addition to running the Firm and carrying a full caseload, Jim Beasley Jr is also the lead pilot on a formation aerobatic team known as "The Horsemen." The team flies the venerable P-51 Mustang or the Grumman F8F Bearcat, and performs throughout North America and England. This video, part of a reality series on, gives some insight into what it takes to fly the lead position for a high speed, low altitude airshow team.